See more great novels at Introduction by Dale Ahlquist. This classic novel by the brilliant G. K. Chesterton tells the. : Manalive (): G. K. Chesterton: Books. Manalive [ with Biographical Introduction] and millions of other books are available for. Manalive: A Novel [G. K. Chesterton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This classic novel by the brilliant G. K. Chesterton tells the rollicking.

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This book is ultimately a cheerful book. The second part, “The Explanations of Innocent Smith”, follows the trial. Toggle navigation Order 3 items and receive a Free Book! Get a long way off it: Who the devil are The first time I picked up this book, I was working in a library. A book that I should read each and every year.

Manalive – Wikipedia

So queer and living a man. The book was first adapted in French, as a Belgian film titled Le revolver aux cheveux rouges I only say that at certain strange epochs it is necessary to chwsterton another kind of priests, called poets, actually to remind men that they are not dead yet.

When I finished it and chesterto what is was all about, I started reading it again. During the investigation of Smith, it turns out he might not be so innocent after all—criminal at best, in fact, and more than likely a maniac and a monster who has left “a track of blood and tears across the world.


Re-read in The first time I read this book, it took me several weeks. Browse All Religious Chestterton. If the answers to those questions aren’t obvious—or, much worse, if the questions themselves seem silly—Manalive will help us see the world from Chesterton’s point of view. Only to fly through it in a little over an hour.

It keeps setting up expectations, and then subverting them. He has broken the conventions, but he has kept the commandments. Totally recommend, a must read at least once in your life. Three reasons to read it: MANALIVE manages to be touching, heartfelt, and incredibly life-affirming without resorting–not even for an instant–to saccharinity or melodrama. Sep 05, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: Smith has a positive effect on the house-he creates his own court, brings a few couples together, and falls in love with a paid companion cgesterton door.

I have found out how to make a big thing small. What if we manaliive really happy? If the last chapter is a little less fhesterton, it’s only in comparison to the rest of the book.

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About half of it takes place in an unofficial trial of the main character, Innocent Smith. Chessterton this delightfully strange mystery, Chesterton demonstrates why life is worth living, and that sometimes we need a little madness just to know we are alive. He threatens suicide-fancying men with death so that they can see that they really prefer life.


I first read this book 3 years ago, all in one sitting. God lets us turn all things into toys by his great gift of distance. I want both my gifts to come virgin and violent, the death chestertoon the life after death.

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His idea of nei Re-read As a Chesterton fan Manalive is chfsterton of my all time favorite novels of his and really one of my all time favorite novels. It really is a very fun book, and this is my third?

Manalive by G. K. Chesterton

I loved Innocent Smith and the havoc he wreaked simply by being an optimist in a pessimistic world. This is fun and easy, and almost without realizing it, Chesterton points out that life is simply beautiful.

As with most of Chesterton’s books they are available on Project Gutenberg. Why do men marry their wives only once? And part of me loves it all the better for it. Wilson commanded, and it was obeyed. GK Chesterton likes to play hopscotch manslive that line.