Ruckus first joined forces with Locatel last November to offer the hotel industry the world’s latest wireless innovations coupled with dedicated. Hospitality IPTV is your Cloud connected media, communications and entertainment partner. Our technology is the best in it’s class and we integrate with the. European Interactive multimedia systems provider Locatel has acquired technology firm Domoco Intertouch Europe. As well as its internet.

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Be the first to comment Add Yours. The power and capacity delivered by this new STB10 with iiptv Intel chipset enables Locatel to offer a new generation of services in hotel rooms. Arnaud Lehung Ruckus Wireless arnaud. Our tailor-made, on-demand digital TV solutions help hoteliers by providing a unique communications system that meets the evolving lifestyles of guests. Today Last 7 days Last 30 days. No more Compendiums to print or envelopes slid under doors, everything is available at a keypress in Full HD to every Guest.

HOTEL TV | Locatel

Your edition is set to. Caesars to open two luxury hotels in Dubai this November 5.

This website has been developed for modern browsers. The hospitality sector faces growing expectations from clients in terms of the quality of services and choice that they expect from their in-room entertainment system. Suggest your content for publication. Latest design slimline and ultra narrow edge bezel screens in all popular screen sizes at direct ex factory pricing in bulk shipment. LiveMax requires hardly any Internet bandwidth, so it can be deployed in places where access would otherwise be prohibitively expensive, or even impossible.

Story continues below Advertisement. Ruckus technology addresses Wi-Fi capacity and coverage challenges caused by the ever-increasing amount of traffic on wireless networks due to accelerated adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and locatell.

Initial rollout sites, such as Novotel’s Paris les Halles hotel, have enabled the solution to be thoroughly tested — loccatel confirmed interest on the part of guests. Properly scaled networks allow new functionalities to be deployed and cater for all user needs. The group is currently the world leader in number of hotel rooms equipped with interactive IPTV systems — more than rooms of which 50 in HD. European Interactive multimedia systems provider Locatel has acquired technology firm Domoco Intertouch Europe.


Overheads for the hotel are minimal, since the service takes up no Internet bandwidth. Product Features Suppliers Supplier News. With 50 years of experience, using Locatel’s own research and knowledge, Locatel have developed a wide range of innovative products and solutions that are becoming essential in today’s modern business in hotels, hospitals, banks and other institutions where there is a need to communicate with guests and clients at a very high technological level.

IPTV firm Locatel buys Docomo Intertouch Europe

Other Business Sites arabianoilandgas. Today Last 7 days Last 30 days. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Your edition is set to. The simplest, tidiest and most reliable installations with no external parts for anyone to play with and all the interactive functionality locked down to suit the service levels that you want on your property and providing the same user experience across all the guestrooms regardless of the TV size.

Our Internationally recognised industry partners provide the best in class technology that we integrate into our systems in order to provide you with the most robust and cost effective long term solutions.

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Product Locatell Suppliers Supplier News. Dubai Tourism launches new B2B online platform 3. Locatel is a leading company in development and implementation of HD and IPTV hotel systems, European leader in integration of interactive systems and solutions and the first who offered HD systems.

Guests are really impressed when they discover the existence of such a fun service — previously unheard-of in the hotel industry — and wowed by its outstanding quality: Travel trends to look forward to in 5.

Suggest your content for publication. Gregory Baldenweg Locatel gbaldenweg Locatel. Skip to main content. After criticism, Foodiva blogger Samantha Wood defends Dubai restaurant review 4. Users have praised the high image quality and fast response times, far better than those available with domestic offers. Locatel Llocatel is a leading company locatwl development and implementation of HD and IPTV hotel systems, European leader in integration of interactive systems and solutions and the first who offered HD systems.

Hotel WiFi — now a basic necessity According to a survey conducted in Smith Micro’s 2nd Annual Hospitality Surveyaccess to TV is one of the three mobile video services most in demand by hotel guests.


When packaged in combination with Eclipse SW, Locatel STB10 is the best you can offer for hospitality in room digital entertainment; it changes the way hoteliers can bring together broadcast, OTT and local contents through a single device.

Mariana Maal Hotwire PR mariana. People Appointments Map View Jobs. But in reality, Locatel offer much more than that.

The lptv widespread — and almost permanent — use of mobile devices by guests puts a strain on hotels’ Wi-Fi infrastructures and bandwidth requirements, with knock-on effects on profitability. Ruckus pocatel and has patented state-of-the-art wireless voice, video, and data technology innovations, such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range, increase client data rates, and avoid interference, providing consistent and reliable distribution of delay-sensitive multimedia content and services over standard Festive offers to kick start the winter holidays in the UAE 3.

Industry Associations Associations News.

Add-on third party data links to provide seamless menu directory of local airport departures and arrivals plus weather forecasts. However, powerful, long-lasting Wi-Fi infrastructure is now available from our partner Ruckus Wireless.

RKUSa global supplier of advanced wireless systems for the rapidly expanding mobile Internet infrastructure market, and a key supplier of Smart Wi-Fi solutions for hotel chains around the world, has joined forces with Locatdl, the European leader in hospitality Internet, TV ipfv mobile solutions, to deploy LiveMax TMa new mobile TV offering that allows hotel guests to watch TV channels on their mobile devices — wherever they are in the hotel.

Here is a selection of some of the merriest festive offers around town. Dust off your Santa hat and don your best Christmas jumper as you get set for the festive season.

HIPTV hotel TV systems support a fully customisable user interface, which means that the whole user experience can be branded with the hotel’s logo and colors – all the way to the menus, services and interactive messaging.