Getting an Image on the Screen. Last Updated 3/18/ Now that you’ve. Install SDL 2 for Linux command line. Setting up SDL 2 on g++. Last Updated 6/21/ 1)Go download the source for. Render text with TTF fonts in SDL 2.

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So it is not bug that this is function is called “close”. Lesson 07 Texture Loading and Rendering. By default, most rendering systems out there are double buffered.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Hello SDL

You’re probably wondering why it took so long to get through all these bugs. As a general rule, you want to minimize the number of time you render text. Lesson 13 Alpha Blending. This means less bandwidth use. In future tutorials, we will be fooo more libraries. For this and future tutorials, we’ll be using a global font for our text rendering.

The third argument is the destination. Maybe in the future, but currently I want to make personal research projects and prototypes. The acknowledgement can be either with in lzay actual game itself or in a text file distributed with the game.

A minimaleasily runnableand well-formatted program that illustrates your problem. Here we’ll be using it to render some common shapes. Download the media and source fooo for this tutorial here.

Lazy Foo’ Productions

Here is where we actually create the text texture we’re going to render from the font. Unfortunately, things are only going to get even more hectic in the coming weeks. Lesson 27 Collision Detection.


Here we’ll lazt redoing the previous tutorial with atomic counters. If the compiler complains that it can’t find SDL. If I do allow people to translate my tutorials who has rights wdl those translated tutorials is a complete mess.

I am sure many of you heard how grueling the game industry adl be. To make anything complex you’ll need to know inheritance, polymorphism, templates, and STL. Lesson 41 Bitmap Fonts. If your question is similar to one in the FAQ, explain how it’s different.

After setting these two macros, we have the “all” target which compiles the program. Opposed to SDL, you actually need to download multiple libraries: And guys, most of these issue I was e-mailed about had nothing to do with the site itself.

Can I use your code to make a tutorial? This function takes in the string of text we want to render and the color we want to use to render it.

Want to add to the discussion? SDL as a dynamically linked library. Here’s a new data type called an SDL Surface. You have no idea how true that is. Lesson 12 Color Modulation. SDL is more likely to stay maintained since it’s supported by companies like Valve.

Notice that these are pointers to SDL surfaces. Download the media and source code for this tutorial here. Make sure to get into the habit of having your pointers point to NULL when they’re not pointing to anything.


A new feature in SDL is the ability to support more than one window. First off it’s a very lightweight and easy to use API making it ideal for beginners. I thank you for that, but you have probably noticed that these bugs are yet to be fixed.

Genuinely curious, I ddl really thought about that, but I don’t see how using a certain library means you can’t put your game onto Steam though.

Welcome to LearnProgramming!

SDL is supported by steam though, and since it’s in C, it gives you the advantage of structuring your engine more freely. Since it was a small program we can get away with that, but in real programs like video games you want to have your code as modular as possible.

In our main function we initialize SDL and load the image. From what I learned in my business law course, copyright law is sticky to say the least. When I finally have time again, I’ll be happy that you did.

I understand it’s hard to find fonts when you’re starting out, so you newbies can use my font for your games under the above conditions.