Step 4. Record your findings and implement them. Step 5. Review your assessment and update if necessary. Source: indgpdf. structure with responsibilities pdf. 3 – Risk assessments Email: [email protected] Telephone: Planning 5 Steps to Risk Assessments pdf.

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This paper gives a brief overview of where responsibility for occupational health and safety lies in the UK, and how risk should be managed through risk assessment. Received Jul 30; Accepted Sep 5. Dreamspace, July2 Fatalities, 27 Injured Dreamspace was a large inflatable structure inside which members of the public could walk around to experience a dream-like world of light and sound.

In addition, when undertaking the Risk Assessments, the team must remember the responsibilities:. Making decisions on the basis of individual risk estimates when cumulative risk to society is the appropriate measure. Two people were killed and 27 injured. The legal responsibilities of employers are summarised in Fig.

The Designer’s risk assessment stated that 40 tethers would be required for the structure distributed around the perimeter but only 22 were used by the Contract Company. Subsequent maintenance records showed evidence of fuel leaks that had happened before but these were not acted upon.

Useful Health and Safety Links

In addition, review of the risk assessment records indicated that corrosion of this pipe, and the subsequent hazards resulting from any corrosion, had not been identified.

Had these calculations determined the type strengthnumber and positioning of tethers and pegs? The structure was designed for its artistic merit and the focus of the Designer was on the dream-like experience that participants would enjoy.


Support Center Support Center. This leaked fuel was close to hot pipe-work not part of the refuelling system which provided an ignition source. Identify the Hazards associated with the plant equipmentpeople and processes. From this the required tethering configuration could have been scientifically deter mined.

Risk assessment

govv The corroded pipe allowed LPG to leak out, the LPG had col lected in the basement of the building and, on reaching an ignition source, the gas ignited resulting in the explosion and de molition of the building. What harm could be caused to plant, people employees and the public and the environ ment land, water, air, plants, animals. These tethers and pegs obviously failed to hold the structure in place.

Journal List Saf Health Work v. What could go wrong? Analysis of the maintenance records indicated that no maintenance of this buried pipe had been undertaken. Find articles by Karen Russ.

High quality risk assessments are usually achieved quite easily for individual pieces of equipment or self contained work areas. The structure lifted up to a near vertical position, ‘like a sail’, as shown in Fig.

Good Practice and Pitfalls in Risk Assessment. The best results from these tools are gse when a team of people undertake the risk assessment together. However, the focus of the group’s risk assessment was event management in terms of crowd management, people flow through the structure etc. For example; had the structure been designed to withstand wind conditions? All three of the parties listed above had a pubhs to ensure the structure was safe but not one of them did so. All three parties, the Designer, the Contract Company and the Public Park Authority, had legal responsibility for the health and safety of the staff who would operate the structure and the public who would visit the park.


Employ ers with five or more employees need to record the signifi idg163 findings of the risk assessment. How the risk is managed is to be determined by those who create the risk. In the great majority of cases, HSE can make this judgement by referring to existing ‘industry good practice’ that has been established by a process glv discussion with in dustry stakeholders to achieve a consensus about what is ‘SFAIRP’.

The Health and safety at Work etc.

HSE – Publications: Free Leaflets – Risk Assessment

Fov review our privacy policy. The Risk Matrix questions the probability of certain levels of harm. Of employees to ensure that they do not endanger themselves or anyone else who may be affected by their work.

Introduction Prior to the UK had spent the preceding years generating a large number of Health and Safety laws focused on individual industries, and even individual regions of the country.