55 — Abundance (Expansion of Awareness) — ABUNDANCE (EXPANSION OF AWARENESS). Other titles: Abundance, Fullness, The Symbol of Prosperity. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘Abundance Of Love’. This fortuitous hexagram implies an abundance of excitement and. I drew Hexagram 55 unchanging. I’m having a hard time interpreting this, as it seems positive at first, but there’s an underlying sense of doom.

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Allowing others to teach you about what you do not recognize within leads to good fortune. Thus the jun zi decides the verdicts and exacts the punishments. Log in to search the I Ching Community, view your profile or private messages or check the latest updates.

These somewhat confused images nevertheless all agree that clear choice is eclipsed by ignorance: Results 1 to 9 of 9. The future is bright, but there are obstacles to overcome?

For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here. The good fortune is the congratulation that is sure to arise.

Make a logical connection — perhaps a highly “intellectual” conceptualization is in order. Thus do superior people pass judgment and execute punishment.

I Ching Hexagram #55:

Nothing consolidates the prosperity of a country so much as the cooperation of the ruler and her able ministers. For hexaagrama 55 is not as nice as it seems. It is proper for the middle of the day.

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. Hold onto the connection and go through all the steps. They take what they feel is missing, and conquer others out of a sense of inadequacy. The Confucian commentary may be interpreted to mean that they remain united only to the extent that they are in accord.


How to interpret “Abundance Of Love”. Scarcity is a kingdom where all of the people are hungry because they do not know how to grow sustenance. He makes abundance of curtains. His breaking his right forearm indicates uselessness up to the very end. Settle all agreements within the next six weeks. Thunder and lightning coming together symbolize Greatness. This field should be left blank. Here is my reasoning: Rid yourself of sorrow.

Interpretation of Hexagram 55/3 to would be much appreciated

Undertakings will lead to suspicion and harm. If you’re not yet a member, you’re welcome to join here. In the end, one must not try to do hexagramq. The situation is like that of a wealthy man who hires the best investment advisors, and then listens to them!

Any one else have any other insights? He seems to hesagrama hovering on the border of the skies. The man gets together with elements with which he has a natural affinity. It is by sincerity that the mind is affected. Sometimes the line can hint at an estrangement between ego and Self beyond our ability to understand at the moment.

There is nothing hrxagrama we can accomplish now. Allow the situation to develop until the way becomes clear.

Otherwise, isolation and misfortune become the result. The process transforms the Groundbreaker trigram in the outer world of 55 into the Gatekeeper trigram in the inner world of What we experience is always a reflection of our beliefs.


The image of screens so thick that the stars can be seen at noon is psychologically an eclipse of consciousness by ignorance. This reading can also show the negative side of wealth where one has a lot of possessions but a lack of real fulfillment.

There is abundance in his dwelling and a wall around his house; yet, peering through the gate, he sees no one. Mourning is not bad, don’t take it that way, but here 55 asks for action.

I’m pretty new at this, so I’ll just leave it at that.

55 Abounding FENG

Nature is a Teacher. There is a possibility of a fortunate outcome only if you are continuously sincere and truthful. Stay with the hexagram and go through all the steps. If hfxagrama go on this way you will have doubt and affliction. This time cannot last forever. Paige artist, I see 55 more or less as Gene says it here. When you break your right arm, it cannot be used.

To facilitate an experience of abundance, bring a mixture of energy and vision.