Poimandres to Hermes Trismegistus. 1. Once, when mind had become intent on the things which are, and my understanding was raised to a great height, while. teacher of Hermes Trismegistus himself. During the fifteenth century Marsili. Ficino made the mistake of assuming that the title ‘Poimandres’, given at t heading of. The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below. Hermes Trismegistus. CONTENTS. The Visions of Hermes ยท The Above and the Below.

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The Thunderbirds I remember from my decent from the base of the gate once I left my home. Nermes of the Above and the Below. But others, casting themselves before the feet of Hermes, besought him to teach them the Way of Life. The Visions of Hermes. The Word moving like a breath through space called forth poimanddes Fire by the friction of its motion.

Be more afraid of the false gateways above they seek to portray the real gateways above. Behold, O Hermes, there is a great mystery in the Eighth Sphere, for the Milky Way is the seed-ground of souls, and from it they drop into the Rings, and to the Milky Way they return again from the wheels of Saturn.

To the material contained in the above volumes he has added commentaries based upon the esoteric philosophy of the ancient Egyptians, together with amplifications derived partly piomandres other Hermetic fragments and partly from the secret arcanum of the Hermetic sciences.

The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

Nature embraced by Man brought forth a wonder, oh so wonderful. Upon the sixth ring sits Jupiter, and to it piomandres returned the sense of accumulation and riches. At hand while preparing the following interpretation of the symbolic philosophy concealed within The Vision of Hermes the present author has had these reference works: The name of that Word is Reason.

Upon the fourth ring sits the Sun, and to this Lord are returned ambitions. The Workman passed as a whirlwind through the universe, causing the substances to vibrate and glow with its friction, The Son of Striving thus formed Seven Governors, the Spirits of the Planets, whose orbits bounded the world; and the Seven Governors controlled the world by the mysterious power called Destiny given them by the Fiery Workman.


For the Prophet is, among the Egyptians, also over the distribution of the revenues. Then Hermes desired to know why men should be deprived of immortality for the sin of ignorance alone.

Upon the first ring sits the Moon, and to it is returned the ability to increase and diminish. Among the arts and sciences which it is affirmed Hermes revealed to mankind were medicine, chemistry, law, arc, astrology, music, rhetoric, Magic, philosophy, geography, mathematics especially geometryanatomy, and oratory.

Bealive and keep your faith like a Jedi.

I, Thought Thoth –the Father of the Word, the Mind–come only unto men that are holy and good, pure and merciful, and that live piously and religiously, and my presence is an inspiration and a help to them, for when I come they immediately know all things and adore the Universal Father. Here, freed of all illusion, it dwells in the Light and sings praises to the Father in a voice which only the pure of spirit may understand. Aliens are proud of their aggressive reputation.

Poimandres, The Vision of Hermes | Truth Control

The Man, looking into the depths, smiled, for He beheld a shadow upon the earth and a likeness mirrored in the waters, which shadow and likeness were a reflection of Himself.

Then Hermes desired to know why men should be deprived of immortality for the sin of ignorance alone. Since that day my Mind has been ever with me and in my own soul it hath given birth to the Word: There are now in trismegiwto world several secret schools privileged to initiate candidates into the Mysteries, but in nearly every instance they lighted their altar fires from the flaming torch of Herm.

That’s the latest in my world. Terrified by the spectacle, Hermes prostrated himself before the Dragon, beseeching it to reveal its identity.


Upon the third ring sits Venus, and to it are returned the lusts and passions.

The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below

A BIG Hello to you all,! The appellation “Thrice Greatest” was given to Hermes because he was considered the greatest of all philosophers, the greatest of all priests, and the greatest of all kings. And from her bosom, Nature produced living things, four-footed animals and reptiles, beasts wild and tame. I, Divine Mind, myself am present with holy men and good, the pure and merciful men who live piously. Found this a while back is an interesting read.

And having beheld the achievements of the Fiery Workman, He willed also to make things, trismegidto His Father gave permission.

The Dragon acquiesced, bidding Trismegistus hold its image in his mind. Let him that is endued with Mind know himself to be immortal and that the cause of death is the love of the body; and let him learn all things that are, for he who has recognized himself enters into the state of Good.

The aged initiator, raising his wand, cried out in a loud voice: Columbia River oregon Thunderbird, tribe at warm springs. For being the gatekeeper, I close up all the entrances, and bar the entrance of the base and evil workings of the senses, cutting off all thoughts of them. Becoming God-inspired, I attained the abode of Truth.

Im always open to.

Poimandres – Wikipedia

Then Hermes desired to know why men should be deprived of immortality for the sin of ignorance alone. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, trismegissto and unknowing, to the seed-ground of stars, and await a new beginning. Upon the third ring sits Venus, and to it are returned the lusts and passions.