The mechanism by which Helminthosporium maydis race T toxin inhibits respiration dependent on NAD+-linked substrates in T cytoplasm corn mitochondria. Abstract. Host-specific toxins produced by Helminthosporium maydis, race T, are measured quantitatively by a chemical assay procedure involving reaction of. Systematic position. Class Ascomycota, subclass Dothideomycetidae, order Pleosporales, family Pleomassariaceae, genus Helminthosporium.

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The toxin did not cause leakage of the soluble matrix enzyme malate dehydrogenase from the mitochondria or inhibit malate dehydrogenase or isocitrate dehydrogenase directly. Thiamin pyrophosphate had a similar effect when malate was the substrate. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

AgroAtlas – Diseases – Helminthosporium maydis Nisik. & Miyake – Southern Corn Leaf Blight

Journal List Plant Physiol v. Matthews2 Peter Gregoryand Vernon Kaydis. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Portions of this research were reviewed at the Second International Mycological Congress, This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


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The oxidation of malate by isolated plant mitochondria. Pyruvate helmjnthosporium malate transport and oxidation in corn mitochondria. Isolation and properties of the outer membrane of plant mitochondria.

Mechanism of depletion of mitochondrial pyridine nucleotides. Water uptake and extrusion by mitochondria in relation to oxidative phosphorylation.

Protein measurement jaydis the Folin phenol reagent. Southern corn leaf blight: The influence of osmolarity on the reduction of exogenous cytochrome c and permeability of the inner membrane of Jerusalem artichoke mitochondria.

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