At the back of the book there are some really interesting recommendations for fighters (zercher squat & deadlift, stir the pot) Pavel then says. Pavel sets us straight with his own list article of ab training mistakes. He ended up winning the “Best Abs” award and, more importantly. The highlights of Pavel’s HardStyle Abs program: Why high reps have failed you- and the secret sauce that will have your abs tuned for heavy action all day long.

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Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part by Pavel Tsatsouline

There are nuggets of wisdom thrown liberally every other page. Pavel provides harvstyle laser focus. The six-pack is just a side effect of the coiled power with which you now operate. THIS major improvement to the original Janda Sit-up has been documented to generate significant extra power…Pages Read our Review Guidelines before posting your review.

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part

Pavel circles these areas tirelessly on the wheels of research and his hwrdstyle vast coaching experience. To ask other readers questions about Hard Style Absplease sign up.

Novel name for me: I have seen Pavel up close and how incredibly gifted he is as a coach and a ags. After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Pavel has identified three “killer” drills, as all you need to achieve this level of mid-section mastery.

To see him deliver such a high class product on this oft-beaten subject of abs surprised even me, the perennial and trained skeptic.

S rated it liked it May 01, This collection, more than much of the previous work, teaches integration with other Hardstyle training.


HardStyle Abs Book | Dragon Door

Clear, simple,precise and effective. I have to add that the picture of Pavel with the I love Pilates sign is awesome! Hardstylee my first RKC I assisted at 3 others-and something extra haedstyle taught each time about using the midsection I refuse to say “core”. This book contains great advice for martial artists and other athletes, in how to develop a solid abdominal system. THIS is the 1, indispensable breathing method for forging your killer six-pack…Page Alex Ortiz rated it really liked it May 19, I can honestly say that this is definitively the best resource yet on all things abs.

How the patented RKC hip flexor stretch can optimize your ab-power drills…Pages And his Hardstyle hanging leg raise is one of the most challenging and effective strength exercises I’ve ever used.

Obviouslywe would go out of business if HardStyle Abs paperback didn’t work, the way we said, right? Viking Warrior Conditioning paperback Book. So when I looked at the Janda situps with the towel the first thing that came to my mind was.

Paul rated it liked it Jan 27, You guys occupied my country for almost 50 years I had to lean Russian in School. How come I never heard of this?

Lone Wolfie rated it it was ok Dec 02, I started off in the evening casually flipping through the pages,having bought the book only because of the author I have never been interested in abs. Now go buy this book! I did, pwvel I am. How to light up your abs like a Christmas tree—and make a power-packed present to your midsection every day of the year…Page 9.

This the best book that Pavel has put out since Enter the Kettlebell. This is a book that is also backed up from a biomechanical standpoint through various Dr. Mar 11, Carlos Rivera rated it really liked it. I got HardStyle Abs about a week ago and have read it cover hardsstyle cover twice. The dynamics of the Party-approved, legitimate Hanging Leg Raise—anything else will be a lame also-ran…Pages Where was this exercise 20 years ago????


I have no doubt that this book is going to make me a much stronger and healthier man.

Simply fill out the form below and put HardStyle Abs paperback to work for you right now. Cody rated it it was amazing Aug 22, My good friend Pavel is the functionally strongest pound for pound man I have ever measured and studied.

With over a decade of teaching Americans and other Westerners under his belt, Pavel has boiled down the essentials of ab training to three almost-literally killer exercises. The video is a great way to assist in reading the book and absorbing the information. The sole goal of Hardstyle Abs is to achieve an extraordinarily strong mid-section. This validates his approaches—they are not polluted by current trend, political correctness, financial gain or ego. The exercises are not easy, but Pavel gives a step by step routine that clients of any level can begin and have incredible results.

HardStyle Abs

The highlights of Pavel’s HardStyle Abs program: This validates his approaches-they are not polluted by current trend, political correctness, financial gain abz ego. Your Country to accompany the review. I definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in getting stronger.