Franz von Papen indicates that he is still a conservative monarchist at the time his Memoirs are written. He was from a well-off, but not aristocratic, family who. Franz von Papen was Chancellor of Germany in and Vice-Chancellor under Adolf Hitler from to Results 1 – 30 of 47 Memoirs by Von Papen, Franz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Vice Chancellors of Germany. About Franz von Papen. In response to criticism that he should have publicly broken with Hitler after the June events, von Papen writes: Navy in WWII used identical tactics. Martha von Boch-Galhau m. Related articles in Google Scholar.

Conscious of his own increasing marginalisation as more ardent Nazis began to assume power in the government, Papen began covert talks with other conservative forces with the aim of convincing Hindenburg to restore the balance of power back to the conservatives by restricting Hitler’s power. He was probably chosen by Schleicher because he was acceptable to the military and the Vatican, and would serve as a puppet of Schleicher and Hindenburg.

Franz Von Papen Memoirs: Franz von Papen, Brian Connell: : Books

Herr von Papen has thereby engraved his name with the blood of national warriors on German history”. He lists the armaments carried by the Lusitania. Addison-Wesley, page I am not trying to excuse the atrocities committed by Hitler In JunePapen successfully negotiated a Treaty of Friendship and Non-aggression with Turkey, signed on 17 Junewhich was no sacrifice on Germany’s part as the Reich was not planning on invading Turkey and never hesitated to break the treaties it had signed anyway, but prevented Turkey from entering the war on the Allied side.

Papen later served the German government as Ambassador to Turkey from to Hindenburg refused to grant Schleicher the emergency powers he sought, and Schleicher resigned on 28 January. Shortly after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler, on August 5, von Papen left Turkey and went straight to see Hitler to report.

Papen stayed in the Zentrum mostly because he hoped to move his party towards the right, and he often advocated that the Zentrum leave the Weimar Coalition to join a coalition with the German National People’s Party.


University of Chicago Press, page Franz von Papen was a German politician during the Weimar and Nazi periods. Hanns Kerrl Hermann Muhs. Helen Andrews rated it really liked it Jan 05, Hindenburg backed Papen up. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The disaster of Anschluss was Germany’s death knell. A New Historypg. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

Credits the manipulations to General Schleicher. On 1 FebruaryHitler presented to the cabinet an Article 48 decree law that had been drafted by Papen in November allowing the police to take people into “protective custody” without charges. The Vatican believed the unification of Austria and Germany “might strengthen the Christian front in a Greater Germany.

The Nazis declined to seats, but still had enough that no majority could be formed without them assuming the Right and Left would not combine. He was reputed to be superficial, blundering, untrue, ambitious, vain, crafty and an intriguer.

A Historypgs.


Papen takes some credit for reviving the German economy and giving employment to people through programs including sending urban youth to work on farms and other public projects like the creation of the Autobahn. Papen, a man largely unknown to the general public, was well known in elite circles in Berlin for his sense of style. Within a few hours I was presented with a violent protest from the German colony at this insult to the flag.

However, he gives a detailed account of what he thinks happened between Hitler, himself, and such Austrian leaders as Schuschnigg that eventually resulted in the German occupation of Austria on March Wistrich, Who’s Who in Nazi Germanyp.

He states and presumably proved that “I was never a member” of the Nazi party. An Austro-German agreement to this effect had actually been signed in June University of California Press, page In a report after Vimy, Papen’s commanding frxnz praised him for his courage and elan as he resisted the Canadian assault up the heights of Vimy, ordering counter-attack after counter-attack, but criticised him for poor planning and execution of his counterattacks.


He admits the invasion frsnz Belgium made Germany look bad, but claims that Belgium was not really neutral because it had a joint war plan with France to invade Germany through Belgium. Hitler had promised him that the process should be based on the peaceful consent of both countries. Most Turks were deeply angry with seeing the Muslim majority nation Albania, with which they had close historical connections, annexed by a Catholic nation, and as Germany had supported the Italian invasion of Albania in the spring ofboth Italy and Germany were unpopular with the Turkish people.

Determined that Hitler should not assume the Presidency by some sort of coup when Hindenburg died, Papen together with Meissner and Oskar von Hindenburg drafted a “political will and last testament”, which Hindenburg signed on 11 May Looking for some specific information The corpse was vonn at the end of April. He could not justify before God, before his conscience, or before the Fatherland the transfer of the whole authority of government to a single party, especially to a party that was biased against people who had different views from their own.

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Proven charges against individual members of an organization could be adduced as evidence of the criminal nature of the organization itself. Roth is currently reading it Jul 09, The State Party formerly Democrats had 2. Minister for Food papeh Agriculture. On 21 AugustPapen presented Turkey with a diplomatic note that was almost an ultimatum threatening the cancellation of all arms contacts and for the Reich to impose economic sanctions if Turkey did not cease leaning towards joining the British-French “peace front”.

The referendum on April 10 approved the Anschluss law by an overwhelming majority. Surprisingly good book written by the Chancellor of Germany before Hitler. Criminal Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression.