Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sara Gruen is the author of the New York Times bestseller Water for Elephants and Riding Lessons. She lives with her. “Flying Changes reminds me how unpredictable life is Even if you are horseless (my deepest sympathies), you will love this novel” —RITA MAE BROWN. Buy a cheap copy of Flying Changes book by Sara Gruen. Anxiety rules Annemarie Zimmer’s days-the fear that her relationship with the man she loves is .

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That girl needed a slap so hard it would send her into next week. Feb 07, Andrea Larson rated it liked it. What a waste of my time. Which is worse I read this because, as the friend who suggested it said, “it’s about horses and it’s easy to read”–and I’d read the first book.

Both novels are a testament to life, to the struggles one must face through obstacles both from outside sources and from within. I really like the author’s writing style. Anyway, the book starts out with lots of horse stuff and I was a bit put off by it, but figured h A friend gave me a bunch of iPad books and this was among them; I don’t know how I didn’t realize that the author was the same as Water for Elephants, but when I finished and realized it, a lot made sense.

Skip this one, even if you did spend more of your youth on rather than off horses! Did I mention really annoying? May 05, Brenda rated it liked it.

To summarize, this book contains tiresome characters, a hackneyed plot, and a random baby. Settings Tips on technique 3: I’ve always been sort of scared of horses and have never been interested in sar near them or riding one and being allergic to them doesn’t help. Will they be successful in competition?


And then the last third of the book takes a spectacular t Fantastic — I had no idea there was still melodramatic horse fiction for grownups! For five months, Annemarie has struggled to make peace with he There is a time to move on, a time to let go.

I’ve ridden English and Western and jumped fences. May 15, Jenny rated it it was ok.

I’m messy and germaphobic all at once, and it’s not entirely unheard of for me to get hold of the wrong end of the stick and then hang there like a pitbull. Just a moment while we sign changees in to your Goodreads account. The author has clearly lived with teenage females! I would definitely changess them. At some points I really wanted to cry but you start to smile because of the outcome. However, unsurprisingly, everything continues to fall apart for both Annemarie and Eva.

Her daughter is just like her, only a teenager. Her works have been translated into forty-three languages, and have sold more than ten million copies worldwide.

I picked up this book for 2 reasons Even after realizing that, I read on because I was bored and didn’t feel like starting a new book. Sara Gruen water for elephants and the story of a mother and teenager daughter.

It is a time of turmoil at Maple Brook: More books by this author.

Flying Changes

Other books in the series. For five months, Annemarie has struggled to make peace with her past.

We moved quickly, but nothing ever felt rushed or glossed over. I wish there flyinh more books out there by Gruen. Gruen was the new hot thing after “Water For Elephants. To be honest it was a little predictable but i still loved it.

Flying Changes (Annemarie Zimmer, book 2) by Sara Gruen

Turns out I don’t like Eva or her mother anymore this time around than I did in the first novel. It was like a sarq, slow lovemaking session with a crazy jackrabbit ending. Quotes from Flying Changes.


The teenager plays more of a role in this book, she is hard to like, pretty bratty. Sara already has her eye on another horse and a donkey. Both novels are, once again, full of meticulous research and unending emotion, whether it is happiness, shock, anger, annoyance, or any other emotion one can think of.

I picked up this book at the library because I enjoyed Gruen’s other book, Water for Elephants, so much.

Anyway, good book, cute story. Mar 25, Mary Catherine rated it really liked it. Overall, the characters in this series could have been better. Based on this and the first book of the seriesit’ll be a chamges day in Hades before I read anything else by Gruen, including any NYT bestsellers.

The boyfriend comes in at the end and the ending is what is expected in changees chick flick movie. It’s’ hard to top. I really did expect better. However, Ms Gruen is a fantastic story teller and these 2 earlier books show her talent. Reading Gruen’s books have opened my eyes to a whole different world.

And as a former horsewoman, I’ll just say–I wouldn’t let either of these characters near a horse flyinv real life. Nov 20, Suzette rated it did not like it. No wonder her daughter is a brat and such a bitch at