Wire the LCD RKP as shown in the wiring section of this manual. Replace the .. The Eurosec CP8 LCD has two log modes. These are: a). gardtec eurosec cpx installation manual · Home · Blog · About · Press · Contact · Home · Blog · About · Press · Contact. Powered by カスタマイズ可能なテンプレート . A range of alarm system user guides and manuals for owners and clients. Accenta 6 · Euro 46 User Manual · Euro Mini User Guide · Eurosec CP7/CP8 LED .

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This section to completed by the installation engineer Page 2 PR Vo-Comm messages may be sent to standard land line telephones or mobile telephones. Please take time to familiarise yourself installafion the type of equipment fitted to your premises as it will prove invaluable whilst using this manual. Your amnual company will give training on the use of the equipment in order eurosecc comply with the relevant standards and will be able to answer specific questions about your system, request for additional or new staff training should be directed to your installation company.

User number 1 will always be a Master Level User but the remaining 14 User Codes may be programmed by a Master Code to the required level of access. These may be changed at any time via a Master level code. The User Code levels available and the functions available for the levels are: Control Allows an output that has been pre-programmed by the installation company to be operated. Duress Codes may also be used on this system for activating Personal Alarms P. The display will show: All Zones ON 15 Time will count down 3 Exit the premises via the authorised exit route the exit tone will change if any detectors are violated during exit 4 Once the premises are secure listen from outside the protected area that the exit tone returns to the continuous tone.

G-Tag Proximity Tags may be used for setting and unsetting the system. Please refer to the Using G-Tag section for instructions. Normal To set the system with a normal keyswitch, insert the key and turn to the ON position then remove the key.

Follow the instructions from step 3 above. To unset insert the key and turn to the OFF position. Biased To set the system with a biased keyswitch, insert the key and turn it then return the key to the original position and remove.

Eurosec CPX User guide – Home Security Systems |

To unset repeat this operation. Refer to the System Attributes section for what zones have been programmed as Part Set zones. Page 5 15 PR At the end of the exit time either the exit sounder will stop if the exit tone has been audible or a single beep will be emitted if the exit tone has been silent. Press NO, the display will show: Do you want to. When the premises are secure listen that the exit tone returns to the continuous tone.

Wait until the exit tone finishes before leaving. Zone remove is only effective for the one set.

Alarm System User Guides And Manuals

Page 7 Enter Zone No. Press 0 to escape. Read Log 01 JAN Whilst viewing the Log, Pressing NO will move back to the previous event. Ibstallation YES will move forward to the next event. Pressing 7 will take you to back to the last event of the previous day.


Pressing 9 will take you forward to the first event of the next day. A Master level code may change the status of the Chime between On and Off. To do so proceed as follows: Chime is Off ok? Press 0 to escape, the display will show: Under no circumstances should the actual user code be written down. If your installation company has given you keyswitches for the operation of your system some user codes may have been reserved for use by these keyswitches.

If you do so your system may be adversely affected 1 With the display showing: Entering will delete an existing code Note: If the code already exists or is a duress of another code an error will be shown, choose another code and return to step 6 7 The display will show: Press No until the require level of code is shown Refer to page 3 for code level details. Code Groups are only used in conjunction with controlling outputs.

See Advanced Code Programming section for details. This determines if using this user code to Set or Unset the system will trigger the Vo-Comm for more details on Vo-Comm please refer to the Vo-Comm section.

Press No until the setting you require is displayed Eursoec or No. The Vo-Comm will need to be programmed in order for this option to work please refer to the Vo-Comm section in this manual.

CPX programming guide/manual

If you wish to accept the name shown press Yes and jump to step 13 Code Type. If you require a blank space press YES while the ‘-‘ is displayed 14 As you press YES for the ninth character or if you have jumped from step 9 the display will change to: If you wish to program other User Codes return to step 4 Or Press 0 to return to: OR Press No display will show: Press Yes Year is ok?

This may be in addition to or instead of central station communications. It should be noted that VoComm should not under any circumstances be used to ring the Emergency Services xpx. It will not be possible to programor as the telephone numbers that the Vo-Comm will dial. Before Vo-Comm can work several mamual will need to be programmed. This Site ID will identify what system is calling you. To change this press No until the required setting On or Off is displayed then press Yes.

The term Open relates to amnual system being Unset. At the end of the message you will hear a single tone, at this point press a key on your telephone keypad twice. A rising tone will be heard that indicates that the call has been acknowledged. If you do not acknowledge the call or hear the rising tone the Vo-Comm will repeat the message several times and then go on to dial the remaining telephone numbers until the call is acknowledged.

If your system has remote communications fitted your installation inetallation may have programmed the system so that you initialise the Eurosev Remote call cox on lines with incoming calls barred. To initiate the Remote Call follow the instructions below.

In the event of any errors the display will show: Check line is not in use or disconnected etc. Your installation company will have informed you as to the type of reset that your system is set for. Before attempting to reset your system ensure that the system is Un-set. All Zones ON 2 Enter the code again to abort the setting 3 The system is now reset 15 Time will count down Or If a higher level of code is required one of the following displays will be shown: Use a Master code to reset the system.


The CPX is capable of using two methods to activate the Duress signal. Setting or Unsetting the system using the code that is programmed as User 7 will activate a Duress signal. In this instance using will send a Duress code to your central station when you Set or Unset your system.

Duress option instal,ation must be turned on by your installation company. Care must be taken with Duress codes, misuse of Duress codes may lead to the loss of police response. Local legislation may prevent the use of Duress signals. The Onstallation Reader may be built in to the keypad or be an external reader that is fitted into a doorframe etc.

G-Tag Fob Legislation contained within DD does not allow for the transmission of confirmed alarm signals once the entry time has started if the user of the security system is using a manual code entered into the keypad.

G-Tag conforms fully with the installatipn of this legislation relating to confirmed alarms on entry.

Because the G-Tag uses Proximity Technology there are no batteries to change in the unit, it is small enough to be carried on the users key ring and one Manal may be used on multiple security systems and some door entry systems. Follow the instructions for programming User Codes onto your system up to the point when you would enter the User Code. At this point present you Tag to the Proximity Reader and a code will be entered for you.

Continue with the instructions entering the User Name etc. Each GTag will be identified on an individual basis when it is used to Set or Unset the system. To Part 1 Set your security system press Yes twice the display will show: If this option has been invoked by your installation company the Set or Unset Status will only be displayed for ten seconds when the system is Set or Unset.

The top line of the manua, will then be blanked off. You may check the Eursoec of the system at any time by pressing the Yes key and then entering a valid User Code.

If the system was Set when you did this the display will ask if you wish Unset the system. To do so press Yes within ten seconds. If the system was Unset when you did this the display will ask if you wish Set the system. If you do not choose to Set or Unset the system within the ten seconds the top line of the display will be blanked out and the code entry will be invalidated. Keypad Tamper The keypad will monitor the number keys that are pressed without a valid User Code being entered.

More than 24 key presses will cause a keypad tamper.

This will be displayed as Keypad x Eueosec and will require a valid User Code entry to stop the sounders. If the system was Unset only the internal sounders will operate. If the system was Set a full alarm will be generated. System Tampers The full security system is tampered, any attempt to remove covers from Keypads, Control Panel, Keypads, Bell Box es or detectors will cause a tamper alarm.