Manual Installation. Enable Unknown Sources. Before attempting a manual installation of apps using files, you must first allow your. Difela Hymns is a collection of South African Hymns in different languages such as Sotho, Tswana, Venda, Tsonga, and Zulu. Difela tsa Sione is a collection of Tswana and Sotho hymns written by different song writers. The word Sefela we refer to a hymn in Setswana.

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Available on Mobile device. Hi Good news, we have started to suone on them, expect to see a part of Mhalamhala with the new hymns by next week with the new update. Am now frustrated that by upgrading from Samsung to iPhone I have lost the brilliant experience of having my Difela tsa Siobe app…. When will it be available for iphone?

Difela Tsa Sione For off-line use: Showing out of 1 reviews. Difela Tsa Sione — Hymn Collection. Difela Tsa Sione v2.

The flaw is, every time you exit a hymn, you have to go back to the first hymn and start scrolling down again. How you found the violation and any other useful info. Inkazimulo Neyi Zimu Nov 22admin.


Difela tsa Sione

Please consider developing the appropriate app for this request. It helps to knws songs nd the way u mst knw hw god is in our lifes. Guys how to download apps using Blackberry from internet, except using the Blackberry World!? Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Thank in advance for your attention. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Our team will review it and, if didela, take action. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala 4. They contain some of the most famous Zulu worship songs sang in contemporary Gospel music.

Download – Difela tsa Sione | A Digital Hymn Book

Is it possible to have the Difela tsa Sione hymn in audio? All Songs Collection Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Hi, please follow the link below to download: Heidelberg Catechism in Sotho. Sign me up Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

I dofela to go through every page to get through.

Neyi Zimu — Miracle Lyrics Dec 25admin. Hi, Divela to uninstall some of the unused apps on the App Manager and try again to install Difela. Please check the Google Play store later today, we have a new update with the complete Icilongo hymnal. Ke tla ke tshepa wena, Ke se ke ka timela.


Thank you for your concern, we realize that navigating through the hyms is a bit difficult on the current version of the app; but however, we have worked on a new version that is very easy to use, it includes a simple index that allows you to scroll down using a listbox. Thanx God for the Programmers who came up with this up. The only flaw I cam across is when I want to go to for instance hymn number Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Kgoro ya hana O re, che, o tla kena 4 Ho tla ba jwang ha ke siya Kobo ena e bolang Ke be jwalo ka Ediya Ka koloi e fofang? We now digitall carry our hymn books everywhere. U-Tube Video Downloader Rated 3 out of 5 stars.