The Hidden Child. Camilla Läckberg, trans. from the Swedish by Marlaine Delargy. Pegasus Crime (Norton, dist.), $ (p) ISBN. Lackberg, Camilla – ‘The Hidden Child’ (translated by Tiina Nunnally) Paperback: pages (June ) Publisher: Harper ISBN. In The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg we are introduced to crime writer Erica Falck. Returning to her field of work after the birth of her child.

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Whilst I was able to figure out most of the secrets early on, I still enjoy and would recommend.

The Hidden Child (Patrik Hedström, #5) by Camilla Läckberg

The atmosphere that the author sets in to this story line is thick in suspense and gives a chilling feeling while reading it and the very essence of evil, since the best part of this story is the careful postmortem of darkness underlying during the era of war. This is the crux for the mysteries. I got the following book of the series as a present. View all 7 comments. She’s supposed to be writing her next “true crime” book, as she’s just swapped parental leave responsibilities with czmilla husband, police detective Patrik Hedstrom.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This novel didn’t need the neat ending. But many of the flaws in this book must be laid at the feet of the author. Ondanks dat dit boek me iets tegenviel, ben ik toch wel benieuwd naar het volgende deel.


Feb 01, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 06, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: More European crime fiction reviews can be found on the Reviews page. It seems much more story driven that The Drowning and The Stranger and the action is toned hiden a bit. Her thrillers are right up my alley! Who would kill so ruthlessly to bury secrets so old? The Hidden Child is a successful novel because it is intelligent, interesting, and at least a little melancholy.


I liked the structure of The Hidden Child. There was too much meandering and not enough action. Reluctantly Erica must read her mother’s wartime diaries.

I felt The Hidden Child flowed perfectly. But on the very first day of his leave, Patrik is stumbled upon a crime scene where the dead body of an old historian has been found by his colleagues, and little did Patrik knew that Erica had sought help, not very lackbery time ago, from the same historian about an old Nazi war medal that she found among her late mother’s belongings.

Return to Book Page. The villains were also really well drawn, human characters.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Crime Fiction at its finest. You are commenting using your WordPress. That is what it means to be family. First you throw him a dog, and the rest will follow. The style of writing was spot on.

The Hidden Child

The book has plenty of interesting characters, including Nazi sympathizers, Nazi hunters, a motley crew of detectives, a cute child, and a stray dog that helps its new owner find romance. That was new to me.

Lackberg took me by surprise. The dark past is coming to light, and no one will escape the truth of how they came to be… Patrik is on leave for his daughter Maja and he can’t stop himself from disturbing his wife, Erica who is back to writing novels in the very comfort of their home. The demeanor reflected in each people of this small city in Sweden is impressive, where all the families have their own story to tell.

Her enquiries lead her to the home of a retired history teacher. He was among her mother’s circle of friends during the Second World War but her questions are met with bizarre and evasive answers.


THE HIDDEN CHILD by Camilla Läckberg , Marlaine Delargy | Kirkus Reviews

Could what little knowledge she has be enough to endanger her husband and newborn baby? I doubt I will read anymore. This made it a much more satisfying read. View all 5 comments. I think this is partly because Erica’s uncovering of her mother’s past is directly related to the contemporary case being investigated by the police, which provides the book with camklla focus than some of the previous titles.

I finished hkdden pages book in no time though, because I skipped more than half of it. Trivia About The Hidden Child Sound character building, the writer is compassionate towards them, and doesn’t present them as black or white, good or bad.

The dark past is coming to light, and no one will escape the truth of how they came to be. Moreover, the author captures the aura of the war and how war affects the bonds of the tne if someone from that family becomes a prisoner of the war and how war can bring people together and they destroy those newly formed bonds, all these themes are delicately depicted into this story.

It has a dumbing down lacknerg that just kills any entertainment value for me. And I promise, there are some characters in the book which are going to stay with you long after the end of the story.