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Regular monitoring of Business Critical BO reports.

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Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP. Work on creating Profiles and Publications for complex scheduling.

So you do not have to broke inheritance from each object on the next lower level to have this working. Bachelor in Technology Specialisation: It makes the Enterprise-system not dependent anymore on a single CMS; – It is now possible to create and add your own default security-level next to the existing bocir2 on Demand’, ‘Full Control’, et cetera; – The Import Wizard, used for importing objects from desiggner environments and earlier BO versions, is extended and now also allows to import documents on their name only instead of the internal CUID-key.

The EDW will be an integrated repository of current and historical data extracted from wide ranging data sources within the bank. Finally, if you have an error or specific question about Dwayne’s code, please note that BOB’s Downloads was recently opened for replies, so you can ask your question in the topic specifically dedicated for the code that you are trying to use.


From an IBM perspective This is a multi technology, multi location delivery project.

The details of my professional endeavours are as follow: Create Account Sign In. Page 1 of 1. There is still room for lots of improvements: I think it wud solve my problem using desigmer code.

Prabhdeep : Application for EU Blue Card United Kingdom

Sun Mar 02, You must be sure to use the code that is appropriate for desigber version of Business Objects. Thu Feb 28, Can you give me Detailed steps for that appreciated Thanks in advance im using BO 6.

Create new reports as enhancements as per the new business requirements from the end users? All times are GMT – 5 Hours. Handled additional responsibility of Maintenance portal pages accessed by end-user in the bank. This feature allows a report user to highlight the values that have changed since previous refresh for any level of aggregation. Business Objects is a third party tool which is used for reporting. Jun Till Date: Tue Feb 26, Each object will be passed to a conversion routine that will check for the syntax differences, Joins, and SQL Completeness.

Documentation work which includes documenting every detail of each BO report.


MM loading BO XI R2 : error cannot initia

Tech in Electronics and Communication from Dr. Software Development Preferred countries: Application Consultant Latest main activities: For personal data please contact us with the following Applicants-ID: Punjab National Bank PNB is the second largest public sector bank in India with about more than branches and offices throughout the country. Creating test environments and running BO reports in them for developing alternative database scenarios?

Smart measure performs calculation that the standard Webi aggregation mechanism cannot calculate correctly.

Wed Feb 27, 8: Dwayne Hoffpauir Forum Desginer Joined: It is a measure that delegates its aggregation calculation to a database. Support for end-user technical problems such as login issues and Reports Access Issues?

BO Xi R2 Designer – Read only accounts

This project involves the analysis, design and development of a Decision Support System DSS to cater to the reporting requirements of the various departments desinger the bank. It will at least demonstrate how to instantiate a Designer session, open a universe, iterate through all the different pieces of a universe, etc.

If at all I have any problems on this I wud come to u. Wed Feb 27,