Baker Hughes INTEQ, Baker Oil Tool,. Hughes . Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids division, many special chemicals and deals especially with the products of the INTEQ Division. .. time-consuming manual work are relatively expensive. Baker Hughes INTEQ Drilling Engineering Workbook A Distributed Learning B / December Drilling Fluids Workbook H Rev. .. and paragraph references and the following information is included in your transmittal. Department Drilling Engineering Workbook P/N H Manual Date. Geothermal drilling fluids commonly used include water based mud, water only .. dependent on temperature (Baker Hughes INTEQ, ). Drilling fluid.

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Two latex samples, Latex A 8: This static period eliminates pressure drift due to temperature bakerr by allowing temperature variation from circulation to equilibrium. The pressure blockage, reliability, magnitude and pore size that can be blocked are all increased by the latex addition. Solids, oil and water content In this test, circulation was restarted after the pressure rose to 60 psi kPa in 70 hours FIG.

Baker Hughes INTEQ: Drilling Engineering Workbook

A synergistic effect between latex and aluminum complex has also been observed in these tests. Although a synergistic effect of ALPLEX with latex on stabilizing shales was confirmed by PPT test results, this fpuids is fragile and very sensitive to increasing salt concentration and temperature.

It would be desirable to be able to reduce the loss of drilling fluid into depleted sands. Increasing the differential pressure apparently causes this seal to manyal over time about 30 hours in the case of the FIG. EXP Oleamidopropyl betaine surfactant. Non Aqueous Drilling Fluids Documents. Oil base, spotting fluidEnvironmentally safe spotting fld.

baker hughes inteq drilling fluids reference manual

All products meet the requirement for fluid disposal in the Gulf of Mexico 30, ppm and become less toxic after solids contamination. Various limitations of these fluids, however, bakerr as environmental mabual, economics, lost circulation tendencies, kick detection, and geologic evaluation concerns maintains a strong market for high performance water based fluids.


It has been discovered that a polymer latex added to a water-based drilling fluid can reduce the rate the drilling fluid pressure invades the borehole wall of a subterranean formation during drilling. Accordingly, the specification is to be regarded in an illustrative rather than a restrictive sense. Methods of sealing subterranean zones.

F were all found to be ineffective, or at least certainly not as effective as the inventive composition. A Hassler cell is a cylinder with a piston inserted in each end.

The mixture was hot rolled. These tests use a core 25 mm in diameter and 25 mm long. The high pressure side of the core is connected to two similar accumulators, one for pore fluid, and one for the test fluid.

The salt and polymers were then added. The initial formation pressure decrease demonstrated that the formulation of the invention inhibited pressure penetration. Brine-based drilling fluids, of course are a water-based mud in which the aqueous component is brine.

Low tox, oil based, spot fld. The shale inhibition characteristics were determined by shale dispersion tests that included static wafer test, and pore pressure PPT tests.

The sulfonated latexes of the present invention have an added advantage in that they can often be used in the absence of a surfactant. In previous tests the circulation was stopped after an hour, and the plug started leaking again after another 30 hours.

Drilling Fluids Books – AONG website

Rheological agents and thickeners. The method of claim 8 where in providing the water-based drilling fluid, the surfactant is selected from the group consisting of betaines, alkali metal alkylene acetates, sultaines, ether carboxylates, and mixtures thereof.

Practical Drilling Fluids Documents. In a more preferred embodiment, the proportions range from about 1 to 8 vol.

Chemical reactivity can also lead to instability. A preserved Pierre II shale plug, 1 inch diameter by 0. EXP is a modified latex product. At this condition, EXP alone does not precipitate.

The pressure rose to Solid particles are suspended in oil and water or brine is emulsified in the oil and therefore the oil is the continuous phase.


Drilling and Completion Fluids Engineering.

It is desired that the sodium aluminate or other precipitating agent be in a metastable form in the mud, which means that it is in suspension or solution, but precipitates out upon the borehole wall. Reducing drilling fluid pressure invasion into the wall of a borehole is one of the most important factors in maintaining wellbore stability. Nonetheless, the water is the continuous phase.

The method of claim bakrr where the borehole wall comprises depleted sands and shale, and where the drilling fluid stabilizes the shale and reduces drilling fluid loss.

The seawater in the downstream piston is contained with a driilling. Practical Drilling Fluids – drilling fluids course that is designed to teach both the theory and practice of the design, Methods of displacing liquids through pipes.

Printed course manual will All pressures are fluidw with Heise transducers. Four or five hours without circulation elapses before the test is started in the morning. Eand use of the sodium aluminate with salt only comparative Ex. The method of claim 8 where in providing the water-based drilling fluid, the water comprises salt. The ,anual is held between the two pistons. The average particle size of the polymer latex is preferably less than 1 micron or submicron and most preferably having a diameter of about 0.


A Malvern Mastersizer Particle Size Analyzer was used to measure the particles size distributions of latex in formulated fluids. A water-based drilling fluid having a polymer latex capable of providing a deformable latex film on at least a portion of a subterranean formation has been discovered to provide reduced drilling fluid pressure invasion when used to drill in shale formations for hydrocarbon recovery operations.

The piston on the low pressure side is filled with liquid, and blocked, so an increase in liquid pressure is measured rather than flow.