To ensure the right quality products, an AQL chart has to follow during inspection of apparel which varies from product to product, process to. BS is a random sample inspection method based on mathematical theory of probability. ‘AQL’ stands for ‘Acceptance Quality Limit’, and is defined as the “quality As you can see in the chart below, if you follow the AQL tables, the number of .. if there is more than one defect on a garment, how is this counted.

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If you get 2 or more than 2 defective garments this shipment will be failed rejected. Caused when an end of yarn breaks and the loose end strays and is knit irregularly into another area.

AQL Charts for Quality Inspection

As, for example, AQL 2. Sample size and AQL level Also see: Difficult to detect while inspecting on inspection machine with fabric under roller tension. Above are only a few examples of fabric testing procedures.

garjents The sample plan also provides the number maximum allowed defective pieces. Following AQL system can be used in garments industry for final inspection. If an order is 10, units. The term AQL stands for acceptable quality level or acceptance quality level. When checking spreaders, make certain to check for marker placement, shading, table marks, etc.

The fabric should be inspected prior to the fabric reaching the cutting tables.

Usually caused by colored yarn out of place on frame. Like, if your shipment lot size is pieces betweenyou have to pick 32 pieces as sample for level -I sampling. A problem may be caused by the operator, the machine, or other factors. To ensure the right quality products, an AQL chart has to follow during inspection of apparel which varies from product to product, process to process and even buyer to buyer.


For second shipment pieces lot size: Effective inspection requires random examination of cutting operations. Good in-process controls help assure that the final audit runs smoothly and allows for timely delivery.

In fact, above is only a short summary of the processes. The inspectors should not develop a set routine. You certainly do not want to learn in your final audit about problems that could have easily been fixed if detected earlier.

AQL Charts for Quality Inspection

Caused by bent needle forming distorted stitches. Prasanta Sarkar is the editor and founder of Online Clothing Study blog. Print Out of Repair: The defect will charf at the selvage. It should be noted here that, most of the acceptance decisions of garment export order shipments are made on the basis of AQL based sampling plans. Verify that all cut pieces will be complete.

Accepted Quality Level (AQL) Chart for Apparel Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions Audit. Please note sample size for a specific lot size may vary depending on the sampling plan. Supplier Assessment and Supply Chain Monitoring. Do not only record the problem. How many defects and defective pieces in a shipment is allowed if inspection is done at 2. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia. Here we will be talking about AQL chart used for shipment inspection in the apparel industry. Here are a few issues to check.


Occurs in tubular knits. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Also, note that only “major” defects are charged. Make sure to select at least one roll or each color way. In single sample based on AQL table you randomly draw a sample consisting of specified number of garments from a lot. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There are three types of sampling plans: Follow your buyers quality manual for the AQL levels for different kind of defects.

If you could not guess from the name, “in-process quality control” is actually quality control steps that take place thought the process of fabric production or garment production.

Fabric hcart appear wavy or puckering when spread on cutting table. Number of pieces to be selected chartt sample for the specific lot size of the shipment are shown. Prasanta Sarkar is the editor and founder of Online Clothing Study blog. Many factories attempt to inspect the fabric during the spreading, but this is probably unrealistic to depend on the spreader to control the fabric quality evaluation.

Normally standard garments factory work to an AQL 2.

It is not based on each actual defect on the garment. Please see the AQL chart below.