Country of My Skull: Guilt, Sorrow, and the Limits of Forgiveness in the New South Africa [Antjie Krog, Charlayne Hunter-Gault] on *FREE*. Country of My Skull [Antjie Krog] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The first free elections in South Africa’s history were held in : Country of My Skull (): Antjie Krog: Books.

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Jan 21, Larkin Tackett cpuntry it liked it. If I don’t, I die. It is hard to read this book and not be stirred. Will it angjie a witch hunt? I want to say: Will a Commission be sensitive to the word ‘truth’?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Krog’s book is an uneven, rambling and not objective narrative by any means. It is brutal, harrowing but also confusing.

Krog grew up on a farm, attending primary and secondary school coujtry Kroonstad. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

During apartheid against black population, and now after it, against white people. Antjie Krog goes above and beyond relaying testimonies, beyond the duties of an impartial un-biased fair-and-balanced journalist, into the territory of thinking, feeling, occasionally dead-wrong human-being.

How do we get past the bitterness? She is an Afrikaner, but foremost, a South African. Views Read Edit View history.

Don’t read this book unless you know you and your family are safe. Retrieved from ” https: Trivia About Country of My Sku The result is a powerful and important document that leaves you with a haunting sense of the extremes of what it is to be human, from the most brutal acts of cruelty to most compassionate acts of forgiveness.

Country of My Skull captures the complexity of the Truth Commission’s work. One of the really powerful ideas I took away from this book was the importance of honor to traditional cultures.


I am changed forever. Her first prose work, Account of a Murder, was published in A deep disection of a multicultural nation is done under the aim of highlight the difficult situation of their abitants. As such, the book has much to say about the human condition in general, not only in war-torn countries fighting to define the meaning of their survival, but in individual hearts, as we consider what we inflict on each other, and what comes after that deep, abiding pain.

Whites can no longer deny what took place. How could its people, whom the oppressive white government had pitted against one another, live side by side as friends and neighbors? Several people have mentioned it to me, and I’ve been told it is the definitive book on the TRC, so when I saw it in the library I thought I’d better read it. Ever since Nelson Mandela dramatically walked out of prison in after twenty-seven years behind bars, South Africa has been undergoing a radical transformation.


The victims ask the hardest of all the questions: The Zntjie outsourcing experiment: So I sit around. Reconciliation is not only a process. We need to stand up to be counted for goodness, for truth, for compassion, and not to kowtow to the powerful. Desmond Tutus and Albertina Sisulus are few and far between.

Its key is negotiation Botha would not appear before the Commission at all. As an American, I needed a bit m What an interesting, frustrating read.

In exposing factual truth and granting amnesty, success was reasonable. She also writes as a journalist whose work it was make these stories part of the consciousness of the country as whole, to make white South Africa listen. Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The vast majority of this book deals with testimony from victims of human rights abuses, white and black, and countfy hearings on amnesty conducted separately from the victims’ testimony.


‘Country of My Skull’, Antjie Krog | openDemocracy

Tutu based his idea of reconciliation on Christian forgiveness, but drew more explicitly from Ubuntuthe African idea of shared humanity. Why did blacks turn against blacks?

Her account of the TRC is intensely personal and like the title says explores themes of guilt, sorrow and forgiveness. DemocraciaAbierta Global platform for Latin American voices. I remember learning about SA’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC –the country’s post-apartheid restorative justice system–and wondering how a similar process would work in the US.

Make no mistake, this book is not about the truth and reconciliation process in South Africa, it’s not about the victims of Apartheid and it’s certainly not about “the New South Africa”. Ruby was assistant publisher at Trolley, an independent photographic imprint for two and half years. I think my rating says it all. I don’t blame them. But all of this aside, it was an impressive undertaking, couuntry present countdy experience of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from the author’s perspective, that of a woman and an Afrikaner, which certainly gave great insight into racial dynamics, guilt, shame, and honor.

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COUNTRY OF MY SKULL by Antjie Krog | Kirkus Reviews

But how could this country—one of spectacular beauty and promise—come to terms with its ugly past? She describes the chaotic, heart-wrenching ordeal that the trials often became with a passionate and infectious desire for the redemption of her country. The stories the author selected elicit strong emotions.