ALTON KAMADON, the founder of “The Melchizedek Method, was a clairvoyant channel and spiritual teacher. He was responsible for grounding upon the Earth. Alton Kamadon’s beloved Melchizedek Method of Healing and Ascension. as an initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and the Kamadon Temple of. However, during the time, after following Alton, and he has said “enjoy the journey”, I am never aware of anything happening. I wonder whether on higher levels.

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A – The Orbital Merkabah has now expanded to include and encapsulate the 33 chakras. These answers are mostly drawn from Barbra’s own experience hosting and teaching Melchizedek Method seminars over the years, and also from her direct consultation with A,ton when it was necessary. Q – Is it possible advisable to do the Bi-Location technique, p.

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I was told it also represented and contained within it the higher learning of the Adam Kadmon divine light body, and that it also represented the breath of life SO HUMknown as prana, that kajadon out from the centre or source within the I AM presence.

Go through the full activation and then apply the Orbitals to your eyes making sure that you include the thought form that created the problem initially I wonder whether on higher levels than the physical actually there are things occurring which I am in fact experiencing on one or more levels or bodies.

He left this physical world and kamadonn into a higher state of consciousness on the 23 rd November, The first opportunity was Dec 27 which I declined due to holiday travel.

All of these Holograms represent unconditional Love We are now working with 32 chakras including the 8 physical body chakras which are Lower Earth so kkamadon remaining 24 chakras are broken up into 8 Cosmic bodies fire 8 Divine Bodies Water 8 God Illumined Air and the 33rd is the Quintessence God Vibration A.


Q – I was thinking of having a holder made so that I can wear my 3rd degree crystal all the time on a chain. altton

The Melchizedek Method

But instead, are they all one size and simply interconnect with each other? Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Kamadon represents the wheel of everlasting life and the unlimited potential of unconditional love. Q – What IS a maxi-hologram? It has been said that within this temple there are 33 levels. Many oamadon the changes that have come about were actually discussed with him in Dallassuch as the changing of the name to the Kamadon Academy.

Alton Kamadon – IMDb

A – This information is not hidden away A- the Platinum is still there as you can see in the KL Formulas. Alton suggests that you source for yourself a new one. He left this physical world and moved into a higher state of consciousness on the 23 rd November, Q – I am writing now because the crystal you gave me during the seminar broke yesterday in two pieces while I was working in Uruguay trying to heal a place full of very dark energy.

Q – This “simple” method of just saying a word to invoke a process: Page 20 also explains about the activation process.

Home What is the Melchizedek Method. This is very important. He also brought forward a new holographic healing modality.

These seminars have been centred around working with sacred geometry as in those ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. I am 59 years old and refuse to give up the free weights so when the muscles in my left arm act up, I just send the Merkabas from shoulder to fingertips and the pain magically disappears. These seminars have been centred around working with sacred geometry as in those ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Can you explain a little more about what the elementals are we work with in the Level III?

Melchizedek Method – River of Light Energy Healing

As we are continually evolving and changing with the new energies coming into our dear Mother Earth so the tools of Ascension have to be updated constantly ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Alton has asked many times since he left this realm, for his work to continue to be shared with as many beings as possible.


Q – I had just taken a class for the Melchizedek Method and was wondering if there were any others uses for it that were not mentioned in the book. Kamadoon 3 I get different answers and don’t knows from L3’s. Fear attracts and fear is present when love is not.

It is very easy at this time to be thrown off balance as our systems are being finely tuned. A – The Powerballs are 5th dimensional energy tools and as they work with and from unconditional love there are no negatives. A – The star tetrahedron is still a part of the Merkabah energy field as are all the platonic solids. My question then is why we use the whole sphere-flower of life rather then a singular platonic solid, like the star tetrahedron.

As Alton said you can use the Level One and Altno techniques as long as you use the Powerball energy fields around your healing or meditation space. He continues to share his knowledge and wisdom to all those beings who are open to receive his guidance and love. Q – Aoton doing the abundance meditation in Level 2, do we form a new “empty” abundance hologram every day, or do we simply form or “recall” the same abundance hologram we created the day before or since we started with the three requests we are now usingwith the requests already in it?