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Sunday dinner is eaten in early afternoon, and it is usually larger than those during the week. As a rule, quality dishes are not prepared in fat but are boiled in the juices of cooked meat, which is rich in proteins, and the juices of vegetables. The pot lonac is so much a part of the dish that the dish is named after it.

Coofsee is usually Bosnian, although espresso is increasingly common in urban centers.

Hearth cooking was still viable into the s in isolated mountain villages of western Bosnia. Salt and pepper are put into the broth before serving. Cakes and savory pastries burek are both popular, most often washed down by thick, khhar, sweet coffee.

There was usually a cold storage room located in the cellar where food was kept and preserved. All Bosnia seem to love rahatluk. It was lajisic by a stone wall; the smoke from the hearth escaped through the roof of the passageway thad divided the lived-in rooms and the storerooms. The uppermost sheet in some places called duhak which means a bridal veil must be thin and unblemished so that when baked the sweetmeat looks as attractive as possible.

Pita is the generic name for ingredients rolled into a very thin, stretched laisic jufke or juhke. Mix the sour with 1 teaspoon of flour and then pour it over the chicken dish.

Lakišić, Alija [WorldCat Identities]

In Travnik the fine dough crumbs are obtained by forcing the dough through a sieve. Advanced Search Find a Library. They might have stewed chicken or Bosanski lonac, one-dish meals that can be prepared the evening before and quickly reheated.


There midday meal depends on where one lives and whether one goes to school or works in town or on a farm. Top with the remaining 3 sheets, spraying or brushing each layer, including the top one.

Add meat and alijaa briefly over high heat. Return to the heat until the mixture starts to fall off the spoon, stirring all the time and being careful not to let the mixture burn.

Bosnian cuisine contains alima abundance of vegetables, meat, fruit, milk and dairy products; t he dishes are not made with a browned-flour base rouxand strong or hot spices are bosanxki used. Sweets prepared in the Bosnian manner are another specially of this cuisine. One corner was designated for the making and drying of pastry dough, next no it was an area for brewing coffee. Cover with lightly oiled plastic and damp kitchen towel and let rise in a warm spot for 30 minutes while you heat the oven.

A few dishes are, or at least are regarded as, specific to one group or another. Cooking — Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cool on a rack. Salt and pepper the chicken pieces and arrange throughout the batter in the baking dish. A similar meal pattern can be defined for most slija Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of ethnicity. When served as a main dish or lunch entree yogurt for drinking is served alongside.

Production takes about a week for the dough to sour before it is forced through a traditional sieve sito za trahanu to form the grains.

Hot sherbet is poured over thus prepared apples. If a family works the fields, bosansi woman left at home may bring hot food to the field.

Lakišić, Alija

Refrigerate for up to 1 week. When making pita, it is traditional to place the filled dough into a bosnski round pan with sides about one to two inches high tepsija or tevsijastarting in the center and coiling it around itself until the pan is full.


Stir the salt into the dough. Traditional Bosnian dishes Certain foods are emblematic of Bosnia and symbolic of Bosnian identity. Bosnian cakes and ice cream are divine. I hunted laksic days to get the contact information for the author, Lamija Hadziosmanovic.

Certain foods are emblematic of Bosnia and symbolic of Bosnian identity. Bosniaks are not big meat eaters, but they like meat mixed grill is a treat. Once the bread and pastries were baked the fire in the bakery hearth was kept burning so that other dishes could be cooked on this low heat. Some might go home from 13 to 3 p.

Please enter recipient e-mail address es. In some places a jelly-like candy called rahatlokum is served. Let sit for 2 to 3 minutesuntil the yeast is beginning to get creamy. As if it were, darling, for you. While the pastry is in the ovenmake a thick syrup out of 1 litre of water and the sugarlater adding lemon juice lakissic vanilla.

35533374 Alija Lakisic Bosanski Kuhar

Because the culinary art of the medieval Bosnian kingdom was confined to the noblemen’s castles, we can say that the year marks the birth of traditional cuisine in Bosnia. When it is first cut and then well bakedm sherbet is poured over.

She agreed to let me interview her and it was by far the highlight of my time in Sarajevo. Beef is boiled with various vegetables, including potatoes; then onion and garlic are added, and, finally, some vinegar, too. A popular, cheap fast food you’ll see everywhere is burek BOO-rekh — phyllo dough filled with meat or cheese, and bosnian pies Pita with spinach, or apples. Combine the eggs, cheese, sour cream, salt. They are eaten in most homes and found on both everyday and ceremonial tables.