Article — From the January issue. A clack of tiny sparks. Remembrances of a gay boyhood. By Bernard Cooper. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on A Clack of Tiny Sparks in Cooper’s story, because she bridges the reality to Bernard Cooper’s. A Clack of Tiny Sparks: Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood A Clack of Tiny Sparks : Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood, written by Bernard Cooper is about a.

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I think the description at the end where he describes the party with, “clack of tiny sparks” is describing almost an epiphany which he has in realizing his true thoughts about himself, and who he feels attracted too. It is hard for him to be truthful with people about the fact that he is what he is and cannot change it. He uses the quote, “All that shuffling accross the carpet charged everyone’s arms and lips with static, and eventually, between low moans and soft osculations, I could hea the clack of tiny sparks and see them flare here and in there Throughout the whole make out party, the person Cooper was watching was Grady.

He attended the “make-out party” to find out for himself or better still to give clac, the chance to feel how it is to be with girls and hopefully to distract him from having all this crazy cllack about the same sex.

Responses: “A Clack of Tiny Sparks” by Bernard Cooper

It pays to discover. Bernard thinks that if he kissed a girl he may enjoy it and thus not be different homosexual from his classmates.

When he says “All that shuffling across the carpet charged everyone’s arms and lips with static. Cooper anticipates that his feelings for boys will be displaced for an interest in girls instead.

I think that he ends his description of the party with the observation of the clack of tiny sparks because he finy describing the sparks and chemistry that all the other boys and girls are having.


I think that he used this image for his title because he is saying clzck even though he does not have those sparks for girls it doesn’t really matter because he has them for boys and has accepted that. What is this place? He ends the description of the party with the “clack of tiny sparks”. Cooper used the image for the title because he was unsure whether he could like girls or if he was indeed interested in the same sex.

It it all part of a plan off that he will stop liking boys and feel that attraction for girls. Copper attends the “make out party” to see if kissing a girl will help him turn his sexual preference away from boys. Grady Rodgers possesses athletic prowess, an inveterate backslapper, a formidable wrestler, a wizard on basketball and at this age would be very attractive cpoper to mention of him having a charmed life.

A clack of tiny sparks

I felt like this essay was very interesting. If likes girls he wont be “different”, as he sees it, from his friends.

I think he used beranrd image of the sparks as his title because it represents tint he found out about his sexual orientation. He used this image for the title because at first he was unsure if he really had feelings for boys or he could like girls. Cooper goes to the party so that he coiper make out with a girl. He also hopes that after making out with a girl he will like girls instead of boys.

I will giving deductions to students who write comments that do not sufficiently answer the questions. He hopes that if he kisses girls at the party then his feelings will change and he won’t be attracted to boys, but instead he will like girls.

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A Clack of Tiny Sparks Essay

Why did he use that image for his title? He uses that image for his title because he did have “sparks” for someone, just not a person of the opposite sex. High school essays, college essays and university essays on any topics.


Cooper attends the “make out party” because he hopes that he will learn to like kissing girls. I put this wall between who I really was and what I thought my peers wanted to see. He hoped he would end up attracted to girls so he wouldn’t be called a “fag”. The main reason why Cooper attended the “make out party” was in hopes to kiss a girl. He probably feels like his friends will think of him different and he doesn’t want that.

He now knew that he liked other guys becasue he didn’t have those sparks for the opposite sex. He attends the make out party to change his “habit” of being gay.

A response to the blog question. Bernard is discussing his experiences along his path of sexual self-discovery. I believe we both used language to hide who I was who we were. Cooper wants to kiss a girl so that it diverts his likeing of the same sex.

A clack of tiny sparks: by Hannah Nunley on Prezi

After attending the make out party he just knew if you liked the someone you would feel those sparks just like the boys and girls did. He hopes that he will find a way to be the same as everyone tinh.

Copper attends the make out party, because he realizes he needs to experiment with girls, to see if there is any interest in them. He watched him go back and forth to many different girls, recieving hickeys all over his neck. I tried tricking myself to walk with in their lines and live within the a life that was not what was my own.