In our examination of the teaching in the New Testament on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ we have discovered the great prominence of this doctrine. Born in Germany on August 27, , A. C. Gaebelein emigrated to the United States in to avoid compulsory military service and to experience the. The Psalms: An Exposition [Arno C. (A C) Gaebelein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Arno C. Gaebelein

Gaebelein was an advocate of gap creationism. The canon of the New Gaebelejn has no higher Divine authority than has that of the Old. Devoted to reports on the work of The Hope of Israel Mission as well as the study of prophecy, the journal did much to advance evangelistic and social work among the Jewish people.

Rewards and crowns will be bestowed upon those who were faithful. Gaebelein emigrated to the United States in to avoid compulsory military service and to experience the adventure of travel. Every child of God, no gaehelein how ignorant, how weak in himself, how imperfect in walk and service, is nevertheless a child of God and as such belongs to the Father’s house.

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The Epistles speak of His glorious appearing [with power] Titus 2: But when He comes for His Saints, those who died gaebelfin Christ will be raised in incorruption; we, the living ones, will be changed. For more than half a century evangelist, author, journalist, and Bible expositor Arno C.

The Bible gaebeleiin in Zechariah While he saw the end of the gaebflein, he did not live to see either the return of the Jews to Israel or the return of Jesus Christ in the rapture, as had been his hope. This is found in John We have learned that Peter preached it in his second address in the book of Acts, and that apostolic preaching and teaching did not neglect this great theme; it held an important place in their ministry and was the hope and comfort of the early Church.


He will bring all His Saints, the redeemed of both Testaments, with Him. Satan is not dethroned till Christ comes again.

Arno Clemens Gaebelein (Gaebelein, Arno Clemens, ) | The Online Books Page

In andGaebelein rejoiced in Hitler’s demise but was greatly grieved over the Holocaust. Gaebelein, whose oral teaching is so abundantly owned and blessed of GOD, has, in this volume of interpretative study, extended the sphere of his ministry to multitudes that may never come within range of the hearing of his voice.

The New Testament teaches that there will be a judgment-seat of Christ. All these theories are not found in Scripture.

Being a dispensationalisthe was a developer of the movement in its early days. The New Testament reveals His coming as a blessed hope unknown in former ages. Gaebelein began to preach in a Jewish mission and developed a passion for Jewish evangelism.

In it he addressed current events and focused especially on the threat of Communism.

In his early ministry to immigrants, Gaebelein coordinated a broad-based work of social and evangelistic gaebeelin that included distribution of food and clothing, operation of a dispensary, sewing classes, and relief funds for Jews in Europe. There is no such thing taught in the New Testament as a “piece-meal rapture,” such as certain English and American, Bible-teachers claim, to the confusion of simple and young believers.

How then can d third person of the Godhead be the promised return of God the Son, the second person? Whatever revelation the Lord Jesus Christ predicted as to His visible, personal and glorious return, preceded by the great tribulation and the manifestation of the Antichrist, is also revealed in the Old Testament. When the end of the age comes Matthew 13 the harvest, the tares which began in the beginning of the age will be full grown.


It was there that C. He may be here at any moment! The destruction of Jerusalem was predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ. Powered by Light speed Technology.

Overview – Arno Gaebelein’s Annotated Bible

The reason why our Lord said nothing about tribulation to His disciples in the upper room when He first mentioned “that blessed hope,” is because the true Church has nothing whatever to do with that period of time. Although he had no college or seminary training, Gaebelein was a devout student and fervently studied and mastered Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and Arabic. The Epistles bear a startling testimony as to the final great apostasy, an apostasy which is apparent today, for the modernistic rationalism in the different evangelical denominations is the beginning of this falling away See 2 Thess.

We look again and see a marvelous sunrise. In the Old Testament it is spoken of as “the time of Jacob’s trouble” Jer. If there is no second coming of Christ the whole truth of Christianity breaks down. Enter query in the box below. These unseen tenants of the heavens will become visible in His return. Neither is complete without the other.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Jew has no need whatever of the organizations or instutitions of historical i. Israel, the nation, will take center stage during the Tribulation, when the Church is raptured.