View and Download Chevrolet Impala Impala owner’s manual online. Chevrolet Impala Owner Manual. Impala Chevrolet Impala Automobile. Impala Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Chevrolet Impala automobile Chevrolet Impala Owners Manuals. Chevrolet Impala Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory issued glove box manual. Information within .

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You and your passengers could chdvy seriously injured. See Engine Compartment Overview on page for more information on the location of the coolant recovery tank.

Turn the tune knob clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the highlighted setting. The clearcoat gives more depth imoala gloss to the colored basecoat. Courtesy Rental Vehicle Your dealer may arrange to provide you with a courtesy rental vehicle or reimburse you for a rental vehicle that you obtain if your vehicle is kept for an overnight warranty repair.

Rear passengers who are not safety belted can be thrown out of the vehicle in a crash. Driving on Snow or Ice Umpala of the time, those places where the tires meet the road probably have good traction.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful Flag. Page 6 These are some examples of symbols that may be found on the vehicle There are spare fuses in the bottom of the fuse box labeled in the manual and there is a 15 amp.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Balance The tires and wheels on your vehicle were aligned and balanced carefully at the factory to give you the longest tire life and best overall performance. If you ever have questions about your tire warranty and where to obtain service, see your GM Warranty booklet for details. The tools you will need to change a tire include the jack Aextension and protection guide Band wheel wrench C.

Page Trunk Release To open the trunk from the outside, press the open trunk button on the remote keyless entry transmitter, if equipped. General Motors recommends against the use of gasolines containing MMT.


Chevrolet Impala Owners Manuals

Keep hands, clothing, and tools away from any underhood electric fan. Then move the wheel to a comfortable position and release the lever to lock the wheel in place. Make sure the impalq is on tightly, so water will not get in. Slide the new battery into the transmitter with the positive side of the battery facing down. Jul 22, Chevrolet Impala. But they have their own special rules.

If your child restraint does not have the LATCH system, you will be using the lap-shoulder belt to secure the child restraint in this position.

Chevrolet Automobile IMPALA User Guide |

How can this be resolved. In trying to do some jobs, you can be seriously injured. It is the number one contributor to the highway death toll, claiming thousands of victims every year. All drivers are impaired at BAC levels above 0.

2007 Chevrolet Impala Service Manual Download?

To insert one CD, do the following: Make certain that all wheel nuts are properly tightened. Page To adjust for compass variance, use the chvy procedure: If any error occurs repeatedly or if an error cannot be corrected, contact your dealer. Page 27 The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the thighs.

To prevent this from happening, after 207 air inside of your vehicle has cooled, turn the recirculation mode off. A built-in child restraint system is a permanent part of the motor vehicle. Removing the Spare Tire and Tools The equipment you will need is located in the trunk. Cooling System Including Reservoir 3.

Audio System s Determine which radio your vehicle has and then read the pages following to familiarize yourself with its features. To assist you in locating the top tether anchors, the top tether anchor symbol is located on the trim cover.

Pull the interior hood release handle with this symbol on it. Once two remote starts or a single start with a time extension have been provided, the vehicle must be started normally with the ignition key to get more remote vehicle starts. It is better to secure the child restraint in a rear seat. The system operates only if it senses that one or both of the front wheels are spinning or beginning to lose traction. It can be turned off manually, by pressing the button again or by turning the ignition to the OFF position.


Additionally, if your vehicle has electronic systems such as, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and electronic stability control, the performance Maintenance intervals, checks, inspections, replacement parts, and Press and hold the button you would like to use to control the garage door until the garage door moves.

Once you are moving on the freeway, make certain you allow a reasonable following distance. How to Check Use a good quality pocket-type gage to check tire pressure. Deployment thresholds take into account a variety of desired deployment and non-deployment events and are used to predict how severe a crash The diagnostic system is designed to evaluate critical emission control systems during normal driving.

Lockout Protection When you want to open a rear door when the security lock is on, do the following: The brakes will wear out much faster if you do a lot of heavy braking. In an emergency, contact Roadside Assistance. A notice tells about something that can damage the vehicle. Related Question Changing oil pan gasket on 3. Page 32 What is wrong with this?

Automatic Transaxle Operation Automatic Transaxle Operation Your automatic transaxle has a shift lever on the steering column or on the console between the seats.